Making the Best of Bed Rest


Why bed rest? Why me?

Bed rest is nothing like it sounds. At first you fantasize about binge watching Netflix, updating your iPod, and reading the baby blogs all day, but then you quickly realize that someone needs to make dinner, earn money to pay the bills, and potty-train your toddler. And it ain’t gonna be you!

Over time, you may feel frustrated or bored, and even angry or scared. You worry about the health of your baby (or babies) constantly, and about your own health. Will you gain more weight than average? Or what if you don’t gain enough? Will you be at risk for other pregnancy complications? Will you have the strength to take care of a newborn after you deliver? The answer to all three: maybe.

And “maybe” is the absolute worst thing about bed rest. Maybe it will help. Maybe your baby will make it to full term. Maybe you and your husband will be, uh, intimate again … someday. Maybe tomorrow you’ll come up with another way to pass the time. Let us offer a few suggestions…

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Keep ’em cookin’, mamas!

Learn more about the reasons doctors prescribe bed rest and limited activity.

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