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Keep ‘Em Cookin’ is an educational organization that gives pregnant women the greatest opportunity to prevent preterm birth by providing them with current information on high-risk pregnancy and by connecting them with other women on bed rest.

Prevention & Treatment

Your chances of delivering your baby safely at term are highest when you know your options for preventing preterm birth.

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Causes of Preterm Labor

There are more than 25 causes of preterm labor. Talk to your health care provider about any of these risk factors that apply to you.

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Bed Rest? Why Me?

About 1 million pregnant women each year face the challenges and emotions that restricted activity can bring. Here's how to cope.

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How will I know if I’m in preterm labor?

If you are less than 37 weeks along, call your doctor immediately if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms of preterm labor:

  • 1

    Increased contractions

    Four or more contractions in one hour

  • 2

    Painful cramping

    Cramping that may feel like menstrual pains

  • 3

    Vaginal or rectal pressure

    A feeling like the baby could just "fall out" at any moment

  • 4

    Increased discharge

    Increased discharge or loss of the mucous plug

  • 5

    Persistent lower back pain

    Lower backache that may persist, or come and go

  • 6

    Increased bowel movements

    Frequent bowel movements; or diarrhea

  • 7

    Gradual leaking fluid

    Leaking of fluid; feeling of wetness; a gush of fluid

  • 8

    Bleeding of any sort

    Bleeding of any sort or amount is not normal

  • 9

    Decrease in the baby's activity

    A decrease in the baby's activity; fewer kicks

  • 10

    Trust your intuition

    A feeling that something just isn't right

Preterm labor symptoms are easy to mistake for the normal discomforts of pregnancy.

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We know what you’re going through. This is the place to get day-to-day support from women like you who are having a high-risk pregnancy or who have been advised to restrict their level of activity.